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275 Notre Dame West. Mtl, QC  514 288 4288



It was in 1934 that Mr. Delisle and Mr. Morissette first opened Chez Delmo just up the street from where it is now.  Back then it had 3 floors; a seafood restaurant on the main floor, a gaming house on the 2nd and brothel on the 3rd. 

In 1964, Mr. Roland Périsset took over the operation and closed the 2 top floors.

Our menu has changed little over the past 80 years.  Quality fish and seafood prepared and served in a traditional way.  The house specialty is the Dover sole meunière.  Our chefs take great pride in this dish, which used to be de-boned table-side, but now done just before serving.  Our lobster bisque takes 2 days to create and the classic cream of tomato remains virtually unchanged for decades. 

We have stayed true to cuisine classique, resisting the popular tide of nouvelle cuisine.  Traditionally prepared quality seafood; unadorned and unembellished.

Over the years, Delmo has had its share of facelifts; the 18 bar-stools surrounding the granite bar are all that are left of the original 38.  The iron sign outside and its original lighted tulips, were salvaged and still greet all our clients.  The destruction of the original porcelain tile frieze that decorated the walls behind the bar prompted us to ask local muralist and celebrated artist, Carlito DalCeggio, to reproduce his version of the scenic garden party adorned with the verse from 18th English poet John Gay, “from wine what sudden friendship springs”.